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Need for specialization!

Developing large-scale applications requires knowledge and skills far beyond those at the undergraduate level.

The cutting edge of technology...

…Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Cloud Computing, Web Intelligence, Recommender Systems, Artificial Intelligence, are some of the technologies that are already shaping the area.

The MSc provides...

…theoretical and practical training in the development of complex mobile and web applications.

Job Prospects

The Department created partnerships with companies and agencies for the better connection of the MSc with the software development labor market.


Software Engineering
for Internet & Mobile Applications

​Welcome to the website of the Postgraduate Program (MSc) “Software Engineering for Internet & Mobile Applications“, of the Department of Digital Systems (University of Thessaly – Greece).

In today’s distributed and portable environments (intranets, internet), the development of large-scale applications requires knowledge and skills far beyond those that can be integrated and provided at the undergraduate level. Indicatively, some key areas are mentioned that are already shaping the developments in the field worldwide, such as Cloud Computing and Online Services (XaaS), Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Data Analytics / Mining, and Artificial Intelligence.

The MSc deepens in the areas of Software Engineering that concern the creation of modern and large-scale internet and portable applications as well as their combination.

The MSc will operate during the academic year 2022-23. The relevant call was published recently inviting those interested to submit the required application forms and supporting documents to attend the MSc. Please note that the call is in Greek, but anyone non-Greek speaker can ask for guidance using the contact form.

The MSc provides excellent knowledge and skills for professional rehabilitation in the field of mobile and web application development, something that can be seen from the high degree of absorption of old graduates in the software development industry in Greece and abroad. Additionally, modules like “Machine Learning and Data Mining” and “Software Project Management”, can open new directions in software development.